How to Handle a Room Change Request--butler Training Guide

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Standard: Butlers will handle all Room Change request courteously and professionally by provide accurate information in order to make a proper decision in determining if a room change is necessary. Room Change should obtain a purpose in order to satisfy the Guests requirements.


Room Change shall be done if necessary at the arrival point, where a Butler has determine a need to better satisfy the Guest preferences.

Butler will have full knowledge of all Rooms in the hotel in order to make a recommendation on a room Change. i.e. View, bedding, non-smoking room/floor, high floor, room close to the elevator, corner room, etc.

Butlers will check with Reception about availability of guest preferred room type.   Other options should be provided if the preferred room type is not available.

Butlers may be required to show new room to the Guests to ensure expectations are met. May require assistance from Associate Butler on another floor.

Once guest makes decision, Butler shall notify Reception to amend the system status and prepare key for the chosen room.  Concierge will bring up the key card to Butler.

Butler will assist guest to move the room.  Bellhop’s service is required if necessary.

Ensure that the original key card of old room is returned.


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