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1)Take the machine to the place where the steam cleaning is going to take place.


2)Fill the water tank up to the maximum level and close the lid


3)Connect the nozzle to the hose and check the wire and plug to make sure it is not damaged.


4)Make sure the socket switch on the wall is off before putting in the plug, then turn the switch on.


5)Press the element and steam buttons together.(the yellow indicator will come on.)


6)Turn on the nozzle switch and let the small amount of water come out before the steam starts coming out.


7)Begin steam cleaning the assigned object or spot.









8)If the red indicator shows, this means the water level is low – refill the tank and follow steps 5,6, & 7 again .





7)After the job is completed, unplug the machine.


8)Wipe the machine completely down and fold the wire around the machine.



8)Detach the nozzles and store the machine in the P/A store room.

Why should the machine be taken now?




How do you know when the tank is at the maximum level?






Why should the socket switch be off?




What does the yellow indicator mean?




Where is the nozzle switch?






How do you use the hose and nozzle?










What should you do?



What should you never do?




What should you do if there is any remaining water in the tank?


Why do you need to wipe down the machine after use?

The machine should not be transported once it is filled with water.



Look into the hole where the water is poured to see where the water level is.






For safety reasons, ensure that the socket switch is off to prevent yourself from getting a shock.


The yellow indicator will go out after 2 minutes which means the water is hot enough to begin steaming.


The nozzle switch is situated on the nozzle.




Place the nozzle on the spot to be cleaned.  Slowly, with a small amount of pressure, pull the nozzle towards you.  (Repeat this process until the mark has disappeared.)  If you are doing a deep cleaning of an object, for example a sofa which has no particular stains, slowly using the same process complete the entire area of the sofa.


If the red light appears, turn off the machine switches.


Do not open the tank lid as you will burn your face from the steam.  Wait 5 minutes.


Leave the machine on until the water has evaporated (disappeared)


Wipe down the machine to remove any water and dust off it.  This process maintains the condition of the machine.


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