Professional Mannerism--butler Training Guide

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To maintain  Hotel standard of professionalism, courteously and excellent service to all Guests. Though proper training of speaking, standing, walking, overall presentation, body language, gestures and facial expression, we will meet the expectation of  Hotel.


All Butler Associates will handle themselves in a professional manner at all times to all guests.

All Butler Associates will speak and listen very politely and courteously to all Guests all the time.

Professional and polite words in English to be used are:

Certainly, YES, How may We assist you!, We certainly will be able to complete that request for you, Mr. Jones, We will bring apply that charge to your room bill per your request,

We always stand straight with proper posture and hand location when listening or talking with Guests.

We are within proper and comfortable space between we and the Guests whilst communicating.

We are always well groomed and have personal hygiene at all times.

Guests always exits or enters first

A smile will always relax the tension or situation.

Don not interrupt when a Guest is speaking.

Show concern and attention to all Guests.




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