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Lobby Design--lighting(1)

Design and décor are taking center stage in the
hospitality arena and becoming critical facets of every hotel property. Today's
guests are demanding more appealing environments that have all the luxuries of
home and then some, including amenities, technology and design. Lighting schemes
also play a crucial role.

As a result, hotel owners and operators are pushing their designers to the
limit, challenging them to create a comfortable and tranquil residential

Lobby Design--lighting(2)

Elliot Markowitz

Illuminating Insights

Q. What is the biggest challenge in lighting hotel public spaces?

A. Maintenance is a major concern from the hotelier's perspective because he or she needs easy, accessible maintenance. If you use a long-life lamp, the maintenance crew can spend more time on guestrooms rather than lighting.

—Megan Carroll,
business development manager, Leucos

Illuminating Insights

Q. What are the current trends in lighting hotel public spaces?


·New arrival/departure date

·Time for new arrival/departure

·Double check on reservation booked.(Type  of  rooms  and  number of rooms required). Reconfirm the rate.

·Name of the caller that called up for the changes

·Contact number/company

·Reconfirm on transport (in/out) requirements

·Reconfirm billing instruction.