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Assistant Front Office Manager: AFOM

Position Purpose:
Assist the Assistant Director of Rooms in directing and supervising the operational activities of the hotel’s front office within corporate and hotel guidelines to provide the highest standards of courteous service while permitting acceptable profit levels. Provide daily supervision of Front Office Agents to ensure The Waldorf Astoria’s high standards of quality are met. Handle guest problems/concerns as they occur throughout the day. Produce daily Occupancy Analysis Report.



Average Percent of  Time

Function of the Front Office Manager

A successful front office manager conveys the spirit of a particular lodging property to
the customer. By applying management principles, he or she works through the front
office staff to communicate feelings of warmth, caring, safety, and efficiency to each guest.
The front office manager must train personnel in the technical aspects of the property
management system (PMS),    a hotel computer system that networks the software and
hardware used in reservation and registration databases, point-of-sale systems, account-

Average Daily Rate

The average daily rate (sometimes referred to as average room rate) is also used in

projecting room revenues—the amount of room sales received—for a hotel. However,

this figure also affects guests’ expectations of their hotel experience. Guests expect higher

room rates to correlate with higher levels of service: the hotel with a rate of $150 per

night is expected to offer more services than a hotel in the same geographic area with a

rate of $55 per night. These expectations have been extensively capitalized upon by major

Front Desk Attendant

This position requires an enthusiastic person who enjoys working with
the people, in a team environment, and is prepared to support his/her
coworkers at any time.

As a Front Desk Attendant, you will be
responsible for ensuring high levels of guest service and satisfaction
while maintaining established operational standards, maximizing hotel
profits, and working in a team environment to achieve the highest
possible REVPAR and customer satisfaction.

Job Requirements:

Hotel Front Desk experience a plus Effective communicator

Yield Percentage

Yield percentage measures a hotel manager’s efforts in achieving maximum occupancy

at the highest room rate possible. Since this term will be discussed more fully in Chapter

6, it is sufficient to note that this concept is relatively new in the hotel industry. Prior to

the 1990s, hotel managers relied on occupancy and average daily rate as indicators of

meeting financial goals. Yield percentage forces managers to think in more active terms.

Front Office Manager Job Description and Analysis


Title: Front Office Manager

Reports to: General Manager

Typical duties:

1. Reviews final draft of night audit.

2. Operates and monitors reservation system for guest room rentals.

3. Develops and operates an effective communication system with front office staff.

4. Supervises daily operation of front office—reservations, registrations, and checkouts.

5. Participates with all department heads in an effective communications system facilitating the provision

of guest services.

Front Office Manager

Main Scope and General Purpose of Job : Is responsible
for all matters pertaining to lodging and especially for the well-being
of the guests from their arrival to their departure.

Direct Responsibilities :
1. Is responsible in welcoming the guest , registration , stay and departure.
2. Coordination for VIP guest treatment
3. Is responsible for the cleanliness of Front Desk area , Lobby and Reservation area , Operator area and Safe Deposit Box.
4. Reactive fro any request from the guest

RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room)

RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room)

RevPAR is determined by dividing room revenue received for a specific day by the number of rooms available in the hotel for that day. The formulas for determining RevPAR are as follows:

room revenue / number of available rooms


 hotel occupancy * average daily rate

For example, RevPAR for a hotel that has $10,000 in room revenue for the night of

September 15 with 200 rooms available would equal $50 ($10,000 / 200=$50).

Case Study 1-Front Office

Ana Chavarria, front office manager, has been with
The Times Hotel for several years. She recalls her first
few months as a time of great stress. There was Milo
Diaz, personnel manager, who was always calling her
to post her schedules on time and authorize payroll
forms. Thomas Brown, executive housekeeper,
seemed a great friend off the premises of the hotel,
but at work, he continually badgered the front desk
clerks on guest check-in and checkout problems.
Yoon-Whan Li, executive engineer, also had com-
munication issues with Ana, such as the time when