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Main Scope and General Purpose of Job :
Responsible for the smooth
running of the Housekeeping Department, ensure the cleanliness of rooms
and hotel area have been met with the Minimum Standard , control and
evaluate for operational expenses and control the staff improvement .

Direct Responsibilities :
the cleanliness on the daily basis , this applies for the rooms, public
area , basement area and others hotel outlets .
2.Control the requisition and quality of employee uniforms.

Levels of Service

The four commonly used market segments—identifiable groups of customers with similar needs for products and services—are full service, all-suites, limited service, and extended stay. There is a great deal of overlap among these divisions, and much confusion,some of which occurs because leaders in the hotel industry do not agree on terminology.Some industry leaders avoid the “budget” tag because of its connotations of cheapness and poor quality. Others welcome the label because it appeals to those travelers who are looking for basic accommodations at very inexpensive rates.

Interdepartmental Communications-Front Office

the like indicate how well the hotel has prepared the front office staff for this important
role. Front office managers must take an active role in gathering information that will be
of interest to guests. They must also be active in developing procedures for the front office
to disburse this information.
The relationships the front office manager develops with the other department direc-
tors and their employees are vital to gathering information for guests. Developing positive
personal relationships is part of the communication process, but it cannot be relied on to

Handling complaint

1.VERBAL Complaint on the spot

Important: Only MOD should take
care / meet the guest when a compliant occurs. Depending on
case/guest’s expectation, a RM/EAM/GM may be involved.

Listen in order to learn what the problem is.
Give the guest your full attention or concentrate on him/her (gestures should show that you are listening with interest).

Use sympathetic expressions, such as “I am sorry to hear that” ; “I
know how you feel” ; “I understand”. Or apologize by saying “we are

Guest Injury Procedure

To assist the guest in the most effective manner to ensure their comfort and safety is maintained and Emergency or First Aid is co-ordinated as quickly as possible.
1.     Assistant Manager is to go to the scene of the accident immediately and inform. Security of the incident.
2.     Assistant Manager is to assess the incident and if First Aid is required to deliver and administer this with the assistance of Security.

Physical Structure and Positioning of the Front Desk

Physical Structure and Positioning of the Front Desk

While manual equipment is still being used in some independent properties, the computerized
system has become the system of choice, primarily because of the needs of guests, management,
and owners.

Guest First Impression

The front desk has always held a pivotal position of importance in the lodging oper-
ation. It is one of the first points of contact with the guest, and, as such, its ambience sets
the tone for the hotel. Neatness, orderliness, attractiveness, quality, and professionalism

Normative Characteristics Exhibited by Housekeeping Employees

In order to manage housekeeping employees more
effectively, we must understand their demographic
and psychographic characteristics. As with most hotel
departments, diversity among housekeeping employees
is common. The following employee characteristics can
be found in many housekeeping departments.
■ Cultural diversity abounds in many housekeeping
departments. It is not uncommon, especially in
major U.S. urban centers, for people of different
cultures to be found in the department.
■ It is not uncommon for a variety of languages to

In-house Credit Check


This policy shall help secure the credit of in-house guest is on track, to minimize risk in the payment collecting and protect the hotel's interest.


At 18:00Hrs daily, the PM shift Assistant Manager should print out the "High Balance Report" in computer to review the in-house credit status.

Executive Housekeeper

The executive housekeeper is responsible for the upkeep of the guest rooms and public
areas of the lodging property. This person truly must work through other people to get
the job done. Each room attendant must be thoroughly trained in cleaning techniques.
Each floor inspector, a person who supervises the housekeeping function on a floor of a
hotel, and each housekeeping employee must be trained in standard inspection techniques.
(Many hotels are moving away from the use of floor inspectors, however.) Speed and

Housekeeping case study Ethical Dilemmas in ESL Training

‘‘You want me to authorize what?’’ asks Tony
Belcher, the hotel manager for the Seacoast Pines
Resort & Convention Center. ‘‘Let me get this
straight, you want me to contract with this English
as a second language company, ‘Espanola to
English’ to teach our housekeepers conversational
English? Come on, Molly, is this really necessary?’’
Belcher responds to Molly Galloway, the executive
housekeeper at the Seacoast Pines.
‘‘Tony, over half of our housekeeping staff can’t
tell a guest how to get to the coffee shop. Aren’t