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A Mini Case Study - Pitfalls in Purchasing Bed Linens

First it was the amenity ‘‘wars,’’ now it’s the bedding
‘‘wars.’’ In their competition for customers,
hotels are offering fancier bedding, including
higher-thread-count sheets. If you have ever wondered
how the linen mills can fit hundreds of
threads into a square inch of sheet, the simple
answer is, they can’t. Consumer Reports has actually
taken the time to count the threads in those
high-thread-count sheets and has found they
often do not contain their stated thread count.
They claim that some linen mills are counting

A MINI CASE STUDY Pitfalls in Chemical Use

Molly Galloway, executive housekeeper at the
Seacoast Pines Resort and Convention Center is
in her office with her assistant, Tracy Hernandez.
Anna Lopez, a guestroom attendant at the property,
has just been transported to the hospital.
She was found, passed out, in a guest’s bathroom.
She had been overcome by chlorine gas
when she mixed the toilet bowl cleaner, containing
hydrochloric acid, with bleach.
Galloway comments to Hernandez, ‘‘Tracy, we
can’t let this happen again on our watch. She
could have died in that bathroom had not Randy,

Change Agents - Stephen Ashkin

Stephen Ashkin is principal of The Ashkin
Group, a consulting firm focused on creating
healthy, high-performing indoor environments
through ‘‘greening’’ the cleaning process and
products. Robert Gottlieb’s book
Environmentalism Unbound: Exploring New
Pathways for Change (MIT Press, 2001),
describes Stephen Ashkin as the ‘‘leading
advocate for a stronger environmental profile
among cleaning product manufacturers and
suppliers’’ and ‘‘the most visible industry figure
advancing the cause of environmentally
preferable products.’’

About My Job - Doorman

The best thing about my job as the doorman at a major hotel is the
interaction that I have with the guest. I am the first person they
meet as they arrive and the last one they see as they pull away.
Many people call me an ambassador. I do a little bit of everything
for the guest.
If the concierge is not available, I have the chance to recommend
the restaurants, bars, and sites to see here in the city. I help
people find their way by giving directions. I make a lot of contacts
with local ticket brokers and reservationists to help the guests have

A Mini Case Study - Pitfalls in Outsourcing

Molly Galloway has called a meeting with her
assistant manager, Tracy Hernandez. ‘‘I don’t
know if this is a problem or an opportunity. Since
we are in a remote location, finding an adequate
number of housekeeping personnel has been a
perpetual problem. Starting this season we have
a new competitor opening its doors only three
miles from our property line and we have already
lost 20 percent of our guestroom attendants
and porters to this new property. I just don’t
know what we are going to do to replace that

About My Job - Front Desk Clerk

As a front office agent, I have the opportunity to make an impression
on the guests’ stay. Sometimes I have more of an impact than
any other employee with whom they come into contact while at my
hotel. This is what I love about my job! I am one of the first people
they meet as they arrive and one of the last people they say goodbye
to as they depart. During their stay, I am the key contact person
to whom they direct their every question or point out any concerns.
I love to find out about my guests—where they are from, why they

About My Job - Head Concierge

My name is Jackie Schult. My title is head concierge, but I view my
role as more of an ambassador. I love being the link between hotel
visitors and the community. I take great pride in making each and
every guest feel welcome and comfortable. My desk is located in the
middle of the lobby. I am easily accessible to anyone who strolls by.
My job is to make sure that the guests will see and do what they
want, when they want. When a guest arrives to the room, I phone
that guest to check on the room and see whether any assistance is

Executive Profile Cigdem Duygulu - Spanning the Globe

The golden palace surrounded by waving palm trees, vast green
plains and the ocean’s surf is her home. A gracious hostess, she
welcomes her guests with open arms, a warm smile and impeccably
clean rooms. Throughout her entire life, Cigdem Duygulu has
been completely immersed in the hospitality industry. However, like
the many immigrants who come to the U.S. in search of opportunity,
she’s made a long voyage to get where she is today.
As a small child, Cigdem Duygulu would wander throughout her

From Carpet Cleaner to Crime and Trauma/Bio Cleaning Specialist: Essential

KANSAS CITY, MO—In most US states, just
about anyone can get into bio cleaning or crime
scene clean up with little or no training.
Consider, however
■ The federal government through OSHA regulates
the bio cleaning industry by means of
the Blood-borne Pathogen Rule (1910.1030).
This regulation states that each company
engaging in such a service as to where the
employees have a ‘‘reasonable anticipation’’
of coming into contact with blood or other
potentially infectious material (OPIM) . . . must
have a written ‘‘exposure control plan.’’

Executive Housekeeper-Position Descriptions for the Housekeeping Department

Basic Function
Assumes complete direction, operational control, and
supervision of the housekeeping and laundry departments
and pool areas.
Operates the departments under his or her control
in the most efficient manner possible through effective
application and enforcement of company policies,
the use of methods described in standard operating
procedures, and the use of sound management principles.
The incumbent is primarily responsible for the
cleanliness of guestrooms and public areas assigned to