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Markets and Marketing of On-Premise Catering

Catering is a consumer-driven market, stimulated by clients who demand
exceptional quality and excellent value for a reasonable price.
Value is determined by the buyer, not the seller. Buyers' perceptions
are sellers' realities. This means that the potential clients' impression
of the catering ability of your facility, be it a restaurant, hotel, club, or
other facility—whether positive or negative—is what is real for them
and will influence their buying decisions. Most of your potential clients
will comparison shop when they are considering the location of their


Organizations may cooperate with other organizations in pursuit of their objectives. The term ‘alliance’ is an umbrella term for a wide range of cooperative arrangements that can encapsulate suppliers, buyers, and competitors.

Service types

‘Service’ is a term that is used to describe the manner and method in which food is served to
guests in foodservice operations. In former times this often constituted an elaborate and convoluted
protocol, much of which is no longer in vogue, notwithstanding that some technical terms
are still in use today, particularly in Europe.When food is placed directly on plates and
served to guests at the table this is referred to as service à l’assiette. When guests serve themselves
from the dish on the table with serving spoons this is referred to a service à la française. When

ARDA resort owners coalition

The ARDA Resort Owners Coalition is one of the American Resort Development Association’s most
successful and influential programs that brings together opposite sides of the timeshare industry,
the developer and the consumer, to work together in achieving benefits for everyone. The ARDA is a
national association in the United States that serves as the vacation ownership industry’s sole
lobbying, educational and information source.The ARDA Resort Owners Coalition
(ARDA–ROC) is a nonprofit program, dedicated to preserving, protecting, and enhancing the ownership

sales&marketing training--Airport Transfer & Limousine Booking


Task:    Airport Transfer & Limousine Booking

Code:    RM-RES-D120

Objectives:  At the end of this session Reservations Sales Agent will Know how to sell hotel limousine to the guest and Know hotel limousine service price very well. Offer transportation service in an accurate and efficient way.

Association events

The meetings industry is estimated to be a $98 billion industry, weighing in as the 23rd largest
contributor to the Gross National Product.Association meetings and events account for a large part of this industry, with associations spending more than $66.4 billion annually on
conventions, expositions, and seminars (ASAE,2004). While associations hold a smaller number
of meetings with fewer total annual attendees than corporations, association meetings and conventions
account for a much larger share of total expenditures than corporate meetings (Meetings &

Market Orientation

Market orientation in the hotel industry is categorized into two segments: (1) residential
hotels, which provide guest accommodations for the long term; and (2) commercial ho-
tels, which provide short-term accommodations for traveling guests.
Residential properties include hotels, all-suites, limited-service, and extended-stay
properties. Services may include (but are not limited to) public dining, recreational facil-
ities, social activities, and personal services. These hotels are usually located in center-city

Marketing Sales SOP-Complimentary Room Applying Procedure


 To fill the Complimentary Room Application Form.

 To prepare the production report of the Company or Travel Agency who ask for the complimentary room for Division Head and GM’s review.

 General Manager is the only person who has the authority to approval the Complimentary Room Request Form.

 Pass the signed Complimentary Room Request Form. to reservation department for room block.

 If there is meal involved F&B should be informed at the same time.