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Hotel Site Inspection - Marketing Sales Training

Task  :Site inspection  

Code   :OH-SM-MC-D003

Objectives :At the end of this session, each trainee will be able to conduct inspection of hotel professionally.

Standard :        1.     Marketing Communications Manager will conduct inspection of hotel facilities to media personnel.

 Inspection of hotel facilities should be treated as a valid Media Call or Media Interview.

Economic Impact of Hotels

The convention and visitors bureau works with hotels in a
partnership for promoting community tourism and meetings. The
economic benefits of these visitors and attendees can be gauged in
the dollars and cents of the industry. One hundred single occupancy
sleeping rooms could be viewed as having the following potential
economic value:
$10,000 (based on an average room rate of $100 × 100 room
 $3,000 (based on an average person spending $30 on food
and beverage each day)
$2,500 (based on a discretionary spending of $25 per person
per day)

Monthly Press Luncheon - Marketing Sales Training

Task  : Monthly Press Luncheon


Code :OH-SM-MC-C012


Objectives :At the end of this session, each trainee will be able to know how to conduct monthly press luncheon professionally and efficiently.


Standard :        1.     The Marketing Communications Manager will organise the Press Luncheon on monthly basis.