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Understand the marketing planning process

Appoint the marketing planning team

Set the marketing planning schedule

Find out what the owner wants

Are You Flying into the New Millennium Without a Map?

You’re rushing into a new century at warp speed, facing a complex marketing environment with a whole new set of issues and challenges! 

Filing---Training activity outline

Task: Filing                                   

Code: RM-RES-A070

Objectives:      At the end of this session Reservations Sales associates should know how to take responsibility in making sure that all documents, reservation material, correspondence and other papers are properly put away in respective files daily. 

Membership Plan

Task:Membership Plan  

Code   : OH-SM-CS-S001

Objectives :At the end of this session, each trainee will be able to

Aware of the MEMBERSHIP PLAN knowledge.

Flexible use MEMBERSHIP PLAN to enroll.

Can answer client question about the MEMBERSHIP PLAN.

Standard:Refer to S&P

Resources:Flip Chart, Handout


Training Steps Time




 Prepare on Flip Chart




Answering telephone/guest greetings/ SPG recogni---Training activity outline

Task:       Answering the telephone-guest greetings/ SPG recognition                     

Code: RM-RES-D010/ RM-RES-D011

Objectives:      At the end of this session, each trainee will be able to know the standard greeting for direct line and internal line and the greeting techniques and familiar on how to use S.T.A.R. during greeting a phone call. 

Guest History Profiles---Training activity outline

Task:      Guest History Profiles 

Code: RM-RES-A110

Objectives    At the end of this session reservation sales agent will know how to manage guest profile properly.

Standards     Reservation shift leader will be responsible to keep guest profile database clean and eradicate any duplicated profiles.