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Fire Drill

In order to familiarize all hotel personnel with fire drill procedures, fire and emergency evacuation drill will be carried out in monthly basis to the Hotel employees and for key personnel only (Security / Engineering, Assistant Manager) random drills will be carried out once per shift monthly.


Full Drill


 Security Manger to arrange full drills with prior approval of Manager.


Fire and Emergency Organisation


In order to meet the potential incidents of Fire or other Emergencies which may threaten the well being of guest and or staff, or which may damage property, it is essential that Island Shangri-La Hotel devise its own "Action Plan and Organisation" to meet such threats appropriately (A sample organisation established for Island Shangri-La Hotel is attached as Appendix I for reference).

Among points to be observed in developing a hotel's "Fire and Emergency Procedures" are the following:




The decision to evacuate the hotel is to be taken in the event of any circumstance threatening guest/staff life and or the hotel premises.


The authority to evacuate the hotel may only be given by the following persons:


The General Manager / Manager


Fire Procedures (1)


To prevent and reduce the possibilities of injuries and loss of life to guests and employees, and to reduce the damage to Hotel property in the event of a fire or during necessary evacuation through the application of efficient and organised procedure


The Hotel is equipped with the following systems to protect the building:-

Manual Fire Alarm System.

Sprinkler System.

Fire Procedures (2)

Hotel Fire Fighting Team (cont)

Team Commander - Security Shift I/C

The Team Commander will be the responsible person to give all necessary instruction to the Fire Fighting Team members and other employees on fire fighting, rescue, property protection or evacuation* until such time as the arrival of the Fire Services Department.  After the Fire Services Department Team has taken over the fire scene, the Hotel Fire Fighting Team Commander will act as a Liaison Officer between the Hotel and the Fire Services personnel.

Fire Procedures (3)

3.     Security Manager

On receiving fire report from Telephone Operator by telephone or pager:-

a.       Send a second Security Officer to the fire scene to join the fire fighting.

b.      Proceed to fire scene immediately.

c.       Report to General Manager/Manager the status of the fire after confirming of real fire.

Fire Procedures (4)

Front Office Manager


On receiving fire report from the Telephone Operator by telephone or pager:-


 Instruct Bell Captain to station at the lift lobbies of L6 to prevent all people from using all lifts after homing.


 Instruct Reception Supervisor to go to Security Office to assist General Manager in message relaying work.

Fire Procedures (5)

Executive Housekeeper


On receiving the fire report from the Telephone Operator by telephone or pager:-


Instruct the Order Taker to page the Floor Supervisors of the affected floor and two floors above and one floor below and to meet them at the service lift lobby of one floor below the affected floor and walk up to the affected floor by staircase.


Fire Procedures (6)



 Gather all on-duty staff and notify them the fire is out of control and evacuate immediately.


 Inform. Executive Assistant Manager - F&B, Security Office that evacuation is underway.


 Lock up all function room, ballroom and storeroom before leaving.