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Goof-Proof Spas

In today’s spa-conscious world, adding a spa
onto an existing resort can be a great way to
boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.
However, new spa owners and veterans alike
frequently make mistakes that are easy to prevent.
Melinda Minton, a spa consultant and
health and beauty professional, offers her best
advice on what NOT to do:
Go for looks over comfort. ‘‘Many resorts
have large, opulent, beautifully designed
and appointed spas. I liken them to the Taj
Mahal. Have you been in the Taj Mahal? I
have, and all of that marble gets cold on

Breaking the Fifth Wall

When designing a spa, it’s easy to remember to
decorate and install lighting fixtures on the four
walls of each room. It’s harder to remember the
‘‘fifth wall,’’ the ceiling. Most people don’t give
much thought to the ceiling in everyday life.
However, the ceiling is very much in focus for
spa clients who spend a good deal of their time
lying down in treatment rooms.
Spa design must target the senses. Even if
every other element in the room provides a
soothing visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile
experience, a bland or ugly ceiling can ruin the

Holistic Design for Spa Industry Health

A spa’s main purpose is to heal and nourish
mind, body, and spirit, so it should come as no
surprise that the adoption of holistic spa principles
will ensure the long-term success of the
spa industry. Some key principles of holistic resort
and spa design include:
Regenerative Spa Design. Spas are
designed in harmony with their natural and
cultural environments, by using local resources,
and creating systems that continue
to evolve and self-replicate. Water, the core
essence of both ancient and modern spas,
is recognized as the most precious resource,

Safety: Thinking Like a Guest

The number one cause of insured loss within
the resort industry is not fire, theft, or any other
activity-related incident. It’s from slip and fall
incidents. Although these losses are usually not
costly, they are so numerous that they become
a problem. The good news is that most slip and
fall incidents are preventable.
The best strategy for inspecting the property
for potential slip and fall hazards is to think
like a guest. The large towel bar next to the
bathtub, designed to hold three large cotton
towels? A guest may think it’s a grab rail instead.

Waterplay Structures: What to Look For

Private clubs that install waterplay structures
(which can include slides, sprinklers, showers,
and other elements) find increased use of the
overall facilities. This is because members
spend more time there as a family than as individuals,
which of course leads to increased
revenue for the club.
Installing waterplay structures can be a
great idea to bring in new revenue. So, what
should you look for when selecting a waterplay
structure manufacturer?
Expandability. Can the system be installed
in different phases to accommodate your

Sauna Training Knowledge

No matter how you call it: a sweat house or steam bath, making use of a sauna endows you with a broad band of

health benefits. Both wet and dry heat sessions of treatment may be considered as a good therapy. Origin of the first

saunas can be ascertained from the moment of formation of the Finnish sort, which is still being used as a pattern for

the construction and exploitation of various saunas in the present day. Wide range of outcome can be achieved in the

The Roots of Today’s Spa Experience

Public baths date back over 4,500 years. They have been found in Pakistan, ancient Babylon, and Egypt. The medieval Turks created the five stages of the spa bath still practiced today: dry heat, moist heat, massage, cold, and rest. Some cultural contributions to the spa experience have gained popularity more than others: Asian and European massages and whirlpools are all the stuff of the modern-day spa; the Finnish sauna practice of beating one another with tree branches, however, has failed to take the world by storm.

Spa / Health Club Manager

Duties: Oversees all functions and operations of a spa, health club, or fitness center      

Alternate Title(s): Spa Director; General Manager of Spa Salary Range: $25,000 to $63,000, plus bonuses        

Employment Prospects: Excellent    

Advancement Prospects: Excellent