BULBRITE Introduces PurifyO2 Family of Coil and T5 Quad CFLs

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MOONACHIE, N.J.—Introducing energy efficient styles to its complete line of high-quality, high-performance compact fluorescents, BULBRITE introduces the PurifyO2 family of Coil and T5 Quad CFLs which break down odors. They are ideal for damp smelling applications.

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3-25-2010 05:58

Ideal for restrooms, closets, gyms, and other damp-smelling rooms in the home, hospital, hotel, daycare center, kennel, pet store and other residential and commercial spaces, the PurifyO2 line safely breaks down odors while providing energy efficient light. It is a healthy alternative to traditional chemical-based air fresheners.

PurifyO2 CFLs are designed with a TiO2 coating that helps purify the air and eliminate odors. The bulbs offer high lumen output and excellent lumen maintenance. With a 75 percent energy savings, PurifyO2 CFLS offer an extensive life of 8,000 hours—eight times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. A 15-watt CFL Coil offers the same light output (900 lumens) as a 60-watt incandescent; a 25-watt CFL Coil is equivalent (1,500 lumens) to a 100-watt incandescent; and a 27-watt CFL T5 Quad (1,700 lumens) is equal to a 125-watt incandescent. Warm White and Natural Daylight versions are available.

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