Checklist for the IT equipment

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1. Are there enough phones and extension numbers available?
a) Telephone numbers should not be assigned for regular business
b) Is there a sufficient pool of reserve-numbers for overloaded extensions? This aims especially at the extensions of key personnel
for crisis situations which take longer than expected

2. Are preparations for conference calls known and arranged?

3. a) Is an adequate number of stable internet connections available?
b) Is the access information for the own server available and does it include the right to modify files and pages (writing rights)?
c) Are special e-mail addresses set-up?

4. Are fax machines available? (further questions see points 1a and 1b)

5. a) Is a sufficient number of computers available?
b) Are they connected to a network?
c) Are soft- and hardware up-to-date and are they compatible with new standards (e.g. USB)?
d) Are Laptops available for temporary staff?

6. a) Is a sufficient number of mobile phones available?
b) Are reserve-numbers for key personnel available? (see point 1b)
c) Have enough batteries been charged and are enough reserve batteries available?
d) Consider during the planning process that mobile telephone systems are frequently jammed in crisis situations. Therefore, if
possible, ensure a preference access to the mobile telephone systems or alternative communication channels such as short-
range two-way radio communications (walkietalkies)
e) If necessary use satellite telephones for key personnel

7. a) Are digital cameras available? (for internal communications or website)
b) Are web cameras available? (for video conferences)
c) Are video cameras available? (for the transmission of situation reports to the control and command centre and for
documentation purposes)

8. a) Ensure power supply
b) Keep batteries available
c) Prepare for power loss (generators)

9. a) Are manuals up-to-date and in sufficient numbers available?
b) Are all telephone lists up-to-date?
i. Do they include all internal numbers?
ii. Do they include all, also the now activated, emergency numbers (normal and cell phones)?
iii. Are important and necessary external numbers available (public authorities, associations…)?
iv. Can they easily be updated and extended during the crisis (ideally numbers are available through the intranet)?
c) Is the list to alert staff — ideally to be sent via SMS — prepared and up-to-date?
d) Are email lists prepared and up-to-date? (it is recommendable to define in advance the different groups)

10. Arrange, where necessary and useful, crypto measures for telephone, fax and mobiles

11. Is access to the finance and accounting department ensured? (this point matters especially for long crises)

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