Fire Control Room Staff Job Description

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Position : Fire Control Room Staff  Grade :   F Department :Security   Report To :Security Captain Job Code:Sec-004   Valid Date: Approved By:

Dept. Head __________

GM/DGM __________

Direct Supervisors:  



  • Persists the principle, the honest and upright work style, the sense of responsibility is strong. 
  • Understands the relevant law knowledge; Understands the related safety and security work aspect the knowledge; understood the related fire aspect the knowledge, has the certain electrical aspect the knowledge. 
  • Above has the high school to graduate the school record or the same level years of schooling 
  • Health, energetic, can bear hardships and stand hard work. 

Job Scope:

  • Proficiency fire, monitoring equipment, in case of fire should promptly in accordance with the procedures and operating linkage.

Key Areas:

  • Central Control Room of Fire. 

Job Tasks:

  • Diligently studies the fire prevention professional knowledge, earnestly carries out "Fire Rule", achieves "the prevention primarily, guards against disappears the union", according to related fire instruction and laws and regulations management
  • Strengthens the sense of responsibility, perseveres the work post, in detail fills in Japan the report form and this class of work diary, strict shift relief system; 
  • Each week supposes the self-examination date, inspects in the hotel the fire prevention system is whether normal. Found the problem prompt solution, and patrols the inspection situation to do the detailed record, fills in the date report form; 
  • Familiar with the main fire extinguishers and other equipment are located, and can skillfully use
  • The centralized alarm panel appears when reports to the police, wants calm to be calm, sees clearly the demonstration fire-alarm position, verifies the situation, promptly processes the report. The discovery reported mistakenly the phenomenon should promptly make the reasonable explanation
  • Be  familiar with the procedures for handling Hotel Fire and emergency plans in case of fires can correctly handle, to assist in directing staff to take an effective fire-fighting measures; 
  • The fire prevention  control room is the hotel critical department in, strictly prohibits the irrelevant personnel entering or makes the activity which has nothing to do with the work. 
  • responsible for the custody and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment of tools and spare parts, drawings; 
  • Use and operation of the control of video surveillance and fire alarm equipment properly, to make it a regular basis to keep them in good condition. Failure promptly report to the higher maintenance and repair departments and accurately recorded. 
  • Responsible for the fire control room and equipment sanitation, at the turn of each cleaning.

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