F.O. Guest Services Guest Mail - Hotel Operational Standards Manual

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Guest Mail All incoming guest mail should be checked at beginning of AM/PM shift and handled as follows 

- Time/date stamp all incoming guest mail - If the guest is already in the hotel, enter room number on the envelope and place letter under guest bedroom door - If guest is due to arrive; contact Front Desk to indicate on guest registration card and reservation to signal that mail is being held. Mail should be given to guest upon check-in - Mail will be filed alphabetically under the first letter of guest’s last name - All non-registered guest mail will be held and checked in fourteen (14) days and then returned to sender. Indicate non-registered on envelope - Knock on guest door & deliver mail to the guest when they are in the room - If guest is not in room, place letter under the bedroom door. If the guest is staying in a suite, enter the room & place letter on a prominent table - Mail arriving for a departed guest will be held for seven days and returned to sender. Indicate depart on envelope - All incoming mail should be logged. Legibly print date received, name of guest, Concierge name or initials and details - Large packages will be stored and corresponding information will be put on an envelope and filed - Initial log for all guest’s retrieving mail - Handle guest requests for outgoing mail and have stamps available Telephone Messages

Place on message light in guest bedroom When guest arrives & calls down to the operator, the message will be read verbally to the guest from the printed message within the Front Office Fidelio system


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