Hotel Social Media Marketing 33 Tips

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Here are my 10 favorite tips, in no particular order:

  • Treat it like a party! Your team should have fun while conversing with your target audience.

Somebody says “party,” and I gotta listen.

  • Address issues in a timely and honest fashion.

Apparently, integrity matters! That's great news and probably the most important item on the list.

  • Involve multiple departments (i.e. PR, IT, Marketing, HR, Legal, Customer   Relations). If you don't deal with them while you're setting up the program, you will have to deal with them later!

Gulp! Lawyers? Gulp!

  • It's OK to fail. Don't be afraid to try something new and innovative as a part of the master plan. If it doesn't work, stop doing it! Don't be afraid to push the limit.

There's no shame in trying and failing. It's not trying and not failing that will get you in trouble.

  • Dedicate someone to oversee the efforts. It's good to have multiple people involved, but not having a point person will result in chaos.

Putting someone in charge is never a bad thing.

  • Create relevant and valuable content.

Music to my ears. That's what we try to create here at -- and I hope this blog qualifies.

  • Get to know the people who can help you. Reach out to bloggers. Understand what blog seeding is, and give bloggers something to work with.

Having friends in all the right places is never a bad thing! This means you need to be totally committed to the platform. and engaged in the process. It's no different than the chief maintenance guy at your hotel knowing the best plumbers in town.

  • Learn how search engines work.

I usually ask Paul, our site's version of the Answer Man, to deal with this one. I guess I need to try to learn how they work -- and hopefully not fail.

  • Have a message and a reason for it. Simply having a social media presence for the sake of having one isn't worth the effort. Everyone on your team should know your message.

This sounds so simple, but it is probably the most abused tip of all. Too many social media platforms exist for the sole purpose of the owner being able to say they have one. C'mon people ... if there's no purpose for it, there's no reason for it!

  • It's not a popularity contest. The number of followers you have isn't as important as the quality of the people interacting with you.

Quality, not quantity. How many times have you heard that? The truth is that it couldn't be truer.


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