Main Entrance Security Job Description

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Position : Main Entrance Security     Grade :   F Department :Security     Report To :Security Captain Job Code:Sec-006     Valid Date: Approved By:

Dept. Head ___________

GM/DGM ____________

Direct Supervisors:  



  • Stick to principles, upright style, a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Familiar with the use of office automation, know the law and the fire of knowledge
  • High school graduates or higher, or equivalent education.
  • Good health, energetic and endured hardship.

Job Scope: 

  • Front of a big order, guarantee the security gate.

Key Areas:

  • Mainly responsible for the day-to-day in front of the order.

Job Tasks:

  • According to the location standing, full of spirit and demeanor sedate and treat guests and visitors to dignified, graceful, standing forbidden swaying motion and do some work has nothing to do with the matter
  • Responsible for maintaining order in front of the work, not against personnel at the gate make much noise, rowdy and keep the hotel quiet; 
  • When contacts with the visitor for the visit visitor must please come visiting the vehicles to keep to the side to park, in order to avoid occurs supports stops up, security when for its relation must be prompt, makes the phone call to have to be brief and to the point; 
  • Ensure vehicular access to the guests at the door of the safe and smooth flow of traffic, Guests arrived in vehicles at the entrance to the region to observe and prevent unrelated to the hospital staff, Vehicles traveling a certain distance to be with their eyes; 
  • Checked  hotel construction management staff irefully, ,examine the various documents and to register, supervise staff required admission; 
  • In a convenient situation calls for the guests, called truck guarantee the security guard not violated. unrelated to prevent uninvited guests and staff took the opportunity to slip into the hotel
  • Received daily newspapers for inventory to see if deficiencies and notify the front-office staff, the customer should try to call express couriers hand-delivered to the front of the stage with prospects If the couriers took the inconvenience can send requests after the signing prospects for a timely and the reasons for that; 
  • According to plan processing, when VIP guest coming, implement enclosed type management, examine person entering strictly.
  • Completed delivery of the other leading temporary work. 

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