Opera 5 user manual (hotel edition v5 user guide)

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I will email a copy of this manual for free to people who correctly answer the following questions. Asking questions only to guarantee the copy is delivered to hospitality professionals, who actually will use it for work instead of commercial profit. All the opera 5 manuals online are dead link or fake documents

1.  Reservations may take many forms. Which one of the following types assures that the hotel will hold a room for the guest until check-out time of the day following the guest’s scheduled arrival date?  Explain your answer briefly.

A. verified

B. confirmed

C. group

D. guaranteed

E. not mentioned here.

Following is the table of content

Property Management System and Quality Management System....... 1

1      Reservations.. 7

1.1    Out of Order / Out of Service. 7

1.2    Room Conditions. 8

1.3    Room Maintenance. 9

1.4    Housekeeping Section Codes. 10

1.5    Housekeeping Attendants. 11

1.6    Housekeeping Task Codes. 12

1.7    Facility Management – Facility Task. 13

1.8    Facility Management – Facility Code. 14

1.9    Reservation Types. 15

1.10  Deposit Rules. 16

1.11  Cancellation Rules. 17

1.12  Rule Schedules. 18

1.14     No Show Posting Schedule. 18

1.13  Colours. 19

1.14  Discount Reason Codes. 20

1.15  Cancellation Reasons. 21

1.16  Origin codes. 22

1.17  Trace Texts. 23

1.18  Alert Definition – Alert Messages. 24

1.19  Alert Definition – Global Alerts. 25

1.20  Room Classes. 26

1.21  Room Types. 27

1.22  Rooms. 28

1.23  Booking Types. 30

1.24  Reservation Methods. 31

1.25  Block Cancellation/Lost/Refused Reasons. 32

1.26  Destination Codes. 33

1.27  Floor Plans. 34

1.28  Item Inventory. 35

2      Profiles.. 36

2.1    Preference Groups. 36

2.2    Preferences. 38

2.3    Languages. 42

2.4    Nationalities. 43

2.5    Regions. 44

2.6    Countries. 45

2.7    States. 46

2.8    Districts. 47

2.9    Cities. 48

2.10  Titles. 49

2.11  Relationship Types. 50

2.12  Communication Types. 51

2.13  Address Types. 52

2.14  Mailing Action Codes. 53

2.15  Account Type. 54

2.16  VIP Levels. 55

2.17  Keyword Types. 56

2.18  Inactive Reasons. 57

2.19  Profile Request Definition. 58

2.20  Profile Request Types. 59

3      Memberships.. 60

3.1    Membership Class. 60

3.2    Membership Types and Levels. 61

3.3    Membership Calculation Groups. 62

4      Rate Management.. 63

4.1    Market Code Main Groups. 63

4.2    Market Codes. 64

4.3    Turnaway Codes. 65

4.4    Source Groups. 66

4.5    Source Codes. 67

Rate/Yield Management Overview.. 68

Rate Code. 68

Rate Categories 68

4.6    Rate Classes. 70

4.7    Rate Categories. 71

4.8    Rate Codes. 72

4.9    Package Elements. 74

4.10  Package Element Groups. 76

4.11  Package Forecast Groups. 77

4.12  Event Codes. 78

4.13  Day Types. 79

4.14  Promotions. 80

5      Cashiering... 81

5.1    Transaction Code Groups. 85

5.2    Transaction Code Sub Groups. 86

5.3    Transaction Codes. 87

5.4    Articles. 88

5.5    Cashier Codes. 89

5.6    Petty Cash – Hotel Accounts. 90

5.7     Folio Grouping Codes. 91

5.8     Routing Codes. 92

5.9    Adjustment Codes. 93

5.10  Payment Types. 94

5.11  Tax Types. 95

5.12  Number to Words. 96

6      Accounts Receivable.. 97

6.1    Account Types. 97

7      Commission Processing... 99

7.1    Commission Codes. 99

7.2    Bank Accounts. 100

8      Users.. 101

8.1    Job Titles. 101

8.2    Departments. 102

8.3    Users. 103

9      General.. 104

9.1    Locators. 104

9.2    Track It. 105

7.3    Message Formats. 107

10    Operational Policies & Procedures Questionnaire.. 108

10.1  General. 109

10.2  Guest Profiles. 110

10.3  Company/Travel Agent/Source Profiles. 111

10.4  Reservations. 113

10.5  Groups & Tours. 116

10.6  Front Desk. 117

10.7  Cashiering. 120

10.8  Check-Out. 122

10.9  Night Audit. 123

10.10        Telephone/Concierge. 124

10.11        Housekeeping. 125

10.12        Accounting. 126

10.13        Reports. 128

10.14        Contingency Plan. 129

The answer is B.

Means that the guest has provided credit card/ or any method of guarantee as money/ company account/ TA account to keep the room till arrival.


This type of reservation is guaranteed reservation as hotel reserve the room until the check-out time on particular guest payment ratio. Hotel ensure that the room is hold for the same guest until arrival and checkout time.     

I have already answered the Question. Kindly if you can send me the copy of the manual on my email.   [email protected]

kindly email me the manual i have already explain the answer in brief.. [email protected]


Not sure if you still looking for the ans,but to me its option B Confirmed booking.
Once per Call Center/FD confirmed the booking, they will hold the booking until Check out stay though if guest don't shows up No Show charge will be levied up but what ever the case reservation will be held up.

I am really looking for  Opera V5 Manual from very long time but anywhere,details mentioned above looks good.
It will be very helpful for me if you get the same and send me at [email protected]


Kind regards,


This type of reservation is guaranteed reservation as hotel reserve the room until the check-out time on particular guest payment ratio. Hotel ensure that the room is hold for the same guest until arrival and checkout time.     

Please send the manual to [email protected]

B. Confirmed

I am a Hospitality trainer in Guwahati, India and the version 5 will allow me to familiarise students on the system. Kindly send the version at [email protected]


Thanks and regards!


Ashutosh Sharma 

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Please kindly send me this document.


It's very usefull.

Please kindly send me this document via email: [email protected]

D. guaranteed.  This woiuld indicate that you had a guaranteed method of payment.  Many answered b confirmed.  I may have a reservation that is on a 6pm hold and i can contact the hotel to confirm it, but if i do not show up prior to 6pm the reservation may be cancelled.  Please send to [email protected]

Please send me the manual

The ans is D, guaranteed. Base on the guarantee policy which hotel has set, most of the hotels will hold authorlization with the first night room charge amount to guarantee room space. In case of no show, hotel will hold the guaranteed room till the next day of guest check out time as first night room charge has been hold.

Correct answer is D Guaranteed

A guaranteed reservation is one where a mode of payment has been provided, if the guest does not turn up, the reservation will be held till EoD of the date of check-in. Subsequently the guest will be marked no-show and will be charged on the mode of payment according to hotel resort policies or reservation policy (1st night, 2nd night, complete stay, etc. etc.

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Thanks in advance

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Even if the guest turns up after night audit, the room has to be reinstated for the guest, as it has been guaranteed for them.


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hello, i'm looking for this manual since i have been working at hotel's .. i think the right answer is B. Could you send me please?? I would be really grateful ! THANKS

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Guaranteed. If the customer does not arrive, still the room is paid. Email me to [email protected]

please send me all of this guide to [email protected]

 I would be really grateful ! THANKS

please send me all of this guide to [email protected]

Guaranteed. Reservation will be held until the EOD, closing the day by Night Audit. The full amount will be charged per cancelation policy with the guaranteed payment method. [email protected]

D.- Guaranteed. Until the reservations is non guaranteed, even if confirmed the hotel reserves the right to release it on the day in case they can sell it. Due to the nature of this, it involves quite a bit of a risk, so hotels generally try to avoid the creation of non guarnateed bookings. 
Please email me on oross[dot]zsolt[at]hotmail[dot]com

Thank you. 
(not all heroes wear capes, and you sir are one of them)

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