Personal Loans - Employee Handbook

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Sample Company Policies And Procedures:



An employee who returns to work following a leave of absence resulting from an injury or illness may be required to take a physical examination to: (1) determine if the employee is an “individual with a disability” for purposes of the Americans With Disabilities Act and any other applicable federal or state law; (2) to determine if the employee can perform the essential functions of the job to which he or she is returning with or without reasonable accommodation and without posing a direct threat to the health or safety of his or herself or others, and (3) to identify an effective accommodation that would enable the employee to perform the essential functions of the job.      

The Company at no cost provides any physical examination required by the company to the employee.


The company will not make personal loans or advances on your paycheck. (Option: In case of financial need, a loan may be arranged through the Printing Industries Credit Union (PICU). Our company is a member and you are invited to use the services of the Credit Union. The Credit Union makes consumer and residential loans. Employees may also save money in the Credit Union and receive interest on their savings. Both savings and repayment of loans should be handled by payroll deduction from your paycheck following your written authorization for such a deduction. Forms to handle these financial transactions are available in the business office or direct from the Credit Union.)

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