A travel tool to discover destinations based on your budget

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A travel tool to discover destinations based on your budget

- As I've entered my area, it would be useful if the "from airport" on the result page would default to "area airports"

- I'd like a map view of the destinations

- I'd like to be able to filter the lodging accommodations based on stars and type (personal home, BnB, hotel) as there are some regions in the world that I've learned to only use hotels when it's sight-unseen and without recommendation

Congrats again!

I'm normally a huge map fan, but I actually like it the way it is, without a map. I had this cool moment where I thought, "It doesn't matter where in the world it is, as long as it is under your budget."

I haven't figured out how to pass all the menus after clicking a destination. I typed in an airport and clicked Search Flights, but it complains that I haven't entered dates. Can't find a place to enter them.

Great work!
My feedback:

1)Some images don't belong to the destinations, see for example: Tsilivi from Greece

2)Add reviews / comments - in this way you'll have new content on your site (good for seo)

3)Create unique title, meta title and meta description for each destination

    <meta name="description" content="">
    <meta name="keywords" content=""> 
Right now I'm looking to Capri, Italy, but the search engines don't know it because the title is DESTIGOGO and there's no meta data.
This is very important for SEO.

4) If after a week your website traffic is still growing, you should consider an investment in mobile apps.

Good luck!

Hi Raresp!
Thank you for your awesome feedback!

1) True, but it belongs to Zakynthos island, where Tsivili is located. Sometimes we had to choose for a more general place near the city we are mentioning, to get a decent image. And since it is very near, we think it's ok (When you will go to Tsivili, you definately will visit Navagio beach (Shipwreck Beach).

2) Planning to!

3) Good one! Is it ok to generate it dynamically (does Google find it in then?)

4) We'll thake that into account! But we'll first focus on developing the web app further and add features :)

Thank you!

Definitely cool for ideas. However I assume you are trying to monetize by getting me to buy hotels and flights through your site, which is not easy right now. I actually think I will use this, for spring break or something.
Just some initial feedback:

1) I want to specify an airport / dates before searching. I live in the DC area where there are 3 different airports prices could be from, but only like to fly out of one.

2) When I try and look at a destination, and find flights, I cannot seem to find where to add the dates, which it complains about not having.

3) Scroll wheel doesn't seem to affect zoom on the map at the location. That's taking away an expected feature of the map, and not something I like.

4) Number of people up front along with total budget. Sharing hotel rooms makes thing much cheaper where hotels are expensive. You could have a more expensive flight and go somewhere more interesting for the same amount.

5) Once I am on the results page, I might want to filter out specific countries and not just whole regions. Or I might even take a whole region, but I can't seem to add a filter after the fact.

6) Why does the 'Home' button open a new tab? If I am clicking home I want it in this tab. In fact I always want it in the current tab. I will 'Open in new Tab' if I want it in a new tab.

7) You have a way to get reminded about the site for later travel, but what if I want to book now for a Spring Break trip? How do a search for a trip 2-3 months from now? I am not planning a trip like this site is useful for last minute.

8) Maybe its just me but 'Return' flight is not what I am used to calling it. Normally that is referred to as a 'Round Trip' flight.

Really cool tool. I was thinking about a similar project since a while, you built it, please keep it going! Small side note, I'm not sure if it's because of the mobile version but I find it would be great to have some more details about the exact way you've found to go there (for example, when it shows the car are transportation way, how does it get this price? Is it oil price or also tolls or shared car or public transport? Didn't see any details about these). Also,it would be great to have details about which border to cross (if any) and give some visa information according to the nationality - these info are hard to get as always changing, but it could be a real strength of this project if you could give them - as no one else really does it well. Last cool feature, crossing the data with numbeo or nomadlist to get the cost of life in cities - and similar kind of cool stuff. That would be amazing!


Thanks, we will! :)
Some great additional options you mention there. For now, we have chosen to take averages for most of things to keep things simple and don't have the user to think about every detail. Besides, these variables differ heavily (oil prices per country differ, fuel consumption per car too, etc.)

Visa information is a think we have planned to add very soon :) Also more additional information like that we are planning to implement soon :D

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