Trends in the spa industry

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A number of ongoing trends can be seen in the spa industry:
Spa Design—Over recent years, spas have increased, sometimes dramatically,
the quality of their interior design. Hydro-therapeutic showers and
tubs, mosaic and glass tiling are combining with everything from ‘‘spa’’
apparel to ‘‘spa’’ luggage.
Live at the Spa—Emerging ‘‘spa communities’’ will provide baby boomers
with important lifestyle requirements focusing on health and fitness centered
around spa-going that will become compelling marketing features
for real estate ventures.
Luxury Becomes Ultra-Luxury—The luxury end of the market will become
even more luxurious offering such things as daily private spiritual and
wellness counseling, ruby/diamond/emerald/sapphire massage oils, four
hour massages, three-therapist treatments, underwater spas, private hotel/
spa rooms, and a slate of ultra-chic big-name designer spas.
Spa-Goers Become Spa ‘‘Goal-ers’’—Travelers will hit destination and resort
spas to achieve increasingly focused personal goals, such as quitting
smoking, grief recovery, or spiritual awareness. Spas will ramp up their
education programs and workshops.
Spa Rx—Medical spas will continue to thrive as they blend traditional
medical expertise with spa luxury and innovation.
Spa Cuisine Served up for Mass Consumption—Spa-inspired food will
become everyday fare with an increase in spa cookbooks, spa cooking
classes, and spa chefs.
Eco-Spas Thrive—Eco-spas will provide guests with environmentally
friendly destinations offering spa products (all organic ingredients), wash
dishes (vinegar instead of soap), room lighting (solar panels and fluorescent

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