Banquet and catering

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Convention catering

Receptions, banquets, breakfasts, luncheons, refreshment breaks, and hospitality suites are an important part of any meeting. They serve as a focus for social interaction to meet new associates, renew old acquaintances, exchange ideas and develop positive attitudes for the overall meeting experience. Costs of food and beverage functions can have a major impact on a meeting budget. The facility’s catering and/or convention services departments usually start working on arrangements for the food functions of large events from 12 to 18 months prior to the meeting.

Banquet event order

The banquet event order (BEO) is sometimes referred to as simply an event order or the function sheet. It is the basis of a property's internal communication system between the various departments and the catering department. It is also the basic building block upon which the catering department's accounting and record keeping systems are constructed. A BEO is prepared for each meal and beverage function, and copies are sent to the each department that will be directly or indirectly involved with the events.


A combination of delegates, exhibitors, media, speakers, and guests/companions who attend an event.
Attendee scope includes: Where attendees come from. It is directly related to the spending characteristics of attendees who fall into each of these categories: International: Draws a national and international event audience; 15% or more of event dele gates reside outside of event host country.
National: Draws a national event audience; more than 40% of delegates reside outside of a 400 mile (640 km) radius of event city.