Building components

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Major building components include items such as foundations (located under or at ground level), structural framing (usually steel but can be wood in smaller structures), or bearing walls (often poured concrete or concrete block but sometimes wood as well) providing the above ground physical support for the structure, curtain walls or other types of exterior facade or fenestration (glazing) (providing a weatherproof exterior for the building), the roof (consisting of a roof deck and weatherproof covering), interior walls (often with a steel or wood framing covered with drywall), and various elements of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Some properties may also have items such as parking (either in a ground level structure or in a parking garage) and possibly extensive grounds and landscaping. In addition, there are various elements of FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) including paint, wall coverings, carpet, foodservice equipment, dining tables and chairs, and guestroom furnishings. Components such as foundation and structural framing require little maintenance and hopefully little in the way of replacement investment over time. Interior walls, building systems, and FF&E may require substantial maintenance attention and cost on an ongoing basis. Other elements, such as roofing, may require little ongoing maintenance but substantial periodic replacement costs.


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