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The Business Management Institute, most frequently referred to as BMI, is the comprehensive educational program of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). Designed as a series of courses, BMI offers continuing education specifically for club managers.      
The Club Managers Association of America began in 1927 when managers of independent clubs across the country expressed a desire to unite for the purpose of discussing issues of mutual interest. Throughout the organization's evolution, visionary members suggested a focus on education. It was not until 1955, however, that CMAA offered its first highly structured five day educational program, held at the University of Houston.      
In 1986 Joe Perdue was recruited by CMAA to develop what would become BMI, a program originally envisioned by club manager Chris Borders. Perdue led the development of course programs and content, and the first BMI course was offered in 1988 at Georgia State University. The growth and success of the program over the years is widely acclaimed.      
BMI currently consists of five hierarchical courses that serve managers ranging in experience from entry level to senior level club professionals; additionally, eight elective programs are available. All BMI courses are intensive one week learning experiences taught by university faculty and industry experts at seven leading universities throughout the United States. BMI today exists as an educational role model for other professional organizations. It boasts of over 5000 graduates and serves as a stepping stone for club managers who aspire to the prestigious designation of Certified Club Manager (CCM).

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