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The clubhouse is part of the club's physical structure that offers a centralized place whereby club members can meet and socialize. Depending on the type of the club, the club house can be rather austere in ambiance and furnishing up to the most lavishly adorned facilities with granite, marble, antique displays, libraries, smoking rooms, card room, formal dining, informal or casual dining facilities, bar and cocktail lounge, piano bar, small to large meeting rooms, aerobic rooms, fitness areas, and a spa.

Club fitness programs

The primary objectives of a private club's physical fitness program are the improvement of the general health and well being for those individuals who choose to engage in a structured physical fitness program. The secondary benefits of a member fitness program encompass enhanced social interaction with other club members, a means of allowing members to entertain clients while promoting the club, and a means of inter acting with family members in a private setting.      

Club entertainment

A critical part of club member satisfaction is directly related to process of entertaining club members. This is important to note because well designed entertainment entices the members to utilize the club while enhancing the perception that the club is an exciting place to be. Designing club entertainment is not a haphazard process, instead the design and deployment of an entertainment program requires a thorough assessment of club members' needs, wants, and expectations.

Club board of directors

The governing function of private clubs is assigned to a board of directors otherwise known as board of governors. A club's board is composed of directors and club officers (i.e. president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. These positions are typically elected on a rotating two year basis so that there is never a complete replacement of the entire board in any given year. The primary reason for this rotational design is to maintain continuity of the goals established by the board with the intent to maintain overall club functionality.