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Although traditionally associated with tourist attractions, the concept of ‘theming’ has been recognized to have important implications for contemporary hospitality businesses.

Destination marketing organization

Tourism is a comprehensive industry providing hotels, restaurants, attractions, transportations, and auxiliary services (retail, tour guides, recreation, etc.) to pleasure and business travelers. These autonomous suppliers are often seen as one entity by consumers based on the totality of their experience at a destination (Bowen, 2004). Synergy between tourism suppliers can be developed through the use of destination marketing organizations (DMOs).

Destination marketing

Destination marketing aims at creating positive images to promote tourist destinations for social and economic benefits. A destination can be a geographically defined area but it also varies in scope depending on the perceptions of tourists. Depending on travel motivations and destination offerings, people visit destinations for various reasons such as seeking knowledge, getaway, relaxation, urban life, rural and pastoral peace, and authentic and unique experience. Destination marketing promotions can be done at various levels: local, regional, national, and international.

Destination management company

The destination management company (DMC) is a liaison between the out of town client and all of the services of a destination that the host property does not offer. DMCs range from those that provide very specialized services to full service firms capable of handling all logistics. For instance, some companies provide only ground transportation (such as buses, limos, and vans), while others can handle personally, or can subcontract, everything a client needs.