Front Office

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Business centers

Business centers within hotels provide services to business travelers who require an office away from the office. It is now an expectation that a range of facilities and services are provided to meet their business needs.

Average daily rate

The average daily rate is a measure of the hotel’s staff in selling available room rates. Average daily rate or ADR is calculated by dividing total room sales by the number of rooms sold. In some instances ADR or ARR (Average Room Rate) is calculated using the formula: Room income/ (no. of rooms sold þ complimentary rooms), i.e. 'House Use’ rooms are excluded. The logic for including complimentary rooms is that they are given for business reasons, e.g. x rooms complimentary over y paid rooms as part of a business deal.

Hotel folio

Guest Folio is considered as the master bill in the hotel which is also known as Guest Account Card. A guest folio contain all transactions of both cash and credit occurred by each resident guests. In manual system Folios are maintained manually and kept in the folio rack at the front office cash. In computerized system the folios are kept in the computer and only printed out at the time of a guest check-out.