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Housekeeping is the most important department in the hotel. The reason for this statement is simple. Without housekeeping to clean the rooms, the reservationists, the front desk agents, and hotel sales departments would have nothing to sell. The public areas would soon become messy and littered, the glass and brass in these areas would become dirty and streaked, the rest rooms in the public areas would begin to smell and run out of necessary items, the hallways on each floor would be dusty and dirty and the lobby would become an uninviting eyesore.

Cleaning schedule

Every guest expects a clean room. In fact, in the USA it could be a hotel owner's requirement by state law to provide a clean room. Guestroom decor may be old or new, contemporary or traditional, bright or subdued, but it must be clean and comfortable. Thus, cleaning schedules is the housekeeping departments' most important management function. Without a clear and well thought out schedule every day may present one crisis after another.

Automated mini bar

Mini bars have been in use for some time, consisting of a refrigerator in the guest's room containing drinks and other items (snacks, sun cream, or disposable cameras) which the guest can consume if they wish. The guest is then charged for those items consumed.