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Employment law

Law that derives from historical interpretations and the reliance upon the application of precedent, that is, judicial interpretations handed down from one court to another. The common law is important in regulating the employment relationship and the activities of unions.

Club Managers Association of America

The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) is a non profit membership organization whose mission is to 'advance the profession of club management by fulfilling the educational and related needs of its members.' Having celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2002, CMAA is a progressive association with a membership of over 6000 dues paying club professionals who belong to more than 50 regional chapters throughout the United States and around the world.

Attrition clause

Most hotel contracts today have attrition clauses that set forth the fees that the organization must pay if it fails to use the sleeping room block commitment. This clause contains formulas that stipulate the amount of liquidated damages for which the organization will be held liable. The attrition fee is based on the difference between the total room nights booked by the organization and the total number of rooms actually used. There is often a 10 % attrition allowance before fees are imposed.

ARDA-Resort owners coalition

ARDA ROC is one of the American Resort Development Association's (ARDA) most successful and influential programs that brings together opposite sides of the timeshare industry, the developer and the consumer, to work together in achieving benefits for everyone. It should be understood that the ARDA is a national association in the USA that serves as the vacation ownership industry's sole lobbying, educational, and information source.

ARDA international foundation

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) was founded in 1969 to represent the interests of the resort industry in the USA. Today, with almost 1000 corporate members, ARDA is recognized internationally as the foremost organization promoting the resort development and vacation ownership industry.      


A method of dispute settlement in which an independent third party (e.g. industrial or labor tribunal) considers the arguments of both sides in a dispute and then makes a decision that is legally binding on the parties. "The difference between arbitration and other forms of dispute settlement such as mediation or concilition (where an arbitrator attempts to find a compromise) is that in arbitration decisions are legally binding.'' Some commentators advocate arbitration as a safety valve to avoid lengthy disputes.