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The existence of a pro shop within private club is a direct artifact of the club’s membership needs for sports or recreational services and merchandise. Relative to the game of golf, this is important to note because the primary reason that people join a club is the game of golf. In order to cater to these unique needs, private club management should provide an area that is operated as a high class boutique and it addresses player game scheduling, training, equipment, or retail needs. The operation of a private club pro shop comes in two formats; the first is where the club owns the merchandise and all members play or equipment service requests are done by club employees; and the second is where the pro shop is leased by the golf pro who in turn acts as an independent contractor. Under this latter scenario, the merchandise that is sold in the pro shop is under the control of the pro with commissions being paid to the club for use of the pro shop facilities. The key under either operational format is in providing the highest level of product quality and member service as possible. This is an important notation because the members often will not know or care who is the primary owner of the merchandise and services, because in their minds these are the responsibility of the club, and therefore all responsibility resides with club management.


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