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Registration is an activity that usually takes place at the hotel’s reception and upon the guests arrival at the hotel. The registration process, irrespective of the type of the hotel, can be divided into a series of activities. These activities typically include: greeting the guest which may go a long way toward establishing a rapport with the guest in that the guest may judge all other services during a stay by this first encounter; creating a registration record, distributing a key, and finally fulfilling any special requests (such as wake up calls) that the guest might have. In some countries, it is the legal obligation of the hotel to obtain and retain information, including identification or passport number, from the hotel guests during registration. The hotel can improve the registration efficiency by acquiring the necessary information from the guest at the reservation stage. This is often regarded as an additional, or even the first in chronological terms, activity of the registration process, called the pre registration activity.

A key report that is created as a result of registration is an arrivals report, which includes the number of guests arriving by date and the type of room(s) that the guest has requested.


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