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The importance of tennis to private clubs received its biggest influx during the 1970s when the game of tennis was at its pinnacle. As a result of this changing societal trend, private club operators have been slow to add additional tennis facilities within private country club facilities. Nonetheless, for the tennis enthusiast tennis tournaments are essential to maintain his or her needs for competition, social bonding, physical invigoration, and fitness concerns. The common tournaments offered at private clubs are (a) men’s and women’s singles, (b) men’s and women’s doubles, and (c) mixed doubles. To make any of these tournaments a success, the tennis pro should engage the tennis committee in securing the use of the courts for tournament play, con firming that the tournament will be sanctioned by the United States Tennis Association, deciding the hours of play, deciding which courts will be used for the tournament and which courts will remain accessible to the members, arranging publicity (if this is to be public event), and ensuring that all registrant information is completed in advance and so that rosters of play can be established. The tennis pro, tennis committee, and tennis director play a critical role in organizing the event, matching the players, establishing event timing, recording and supervising of the tournament, and finalizing the event via a tournament banquet with resultant public relation events being planned as well.


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