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A vortal is a gateway to Web content on a particular subject area. A vortal may also be more simply defined as the industry specific equivalent of the general purpose portal (e.g., Yahoo.com) on the Web. Vortals are also known as vertical portals, VEP or Vertical Enterprise Portals, vertical market Websites, Vertical industry portals, or voice portals. Vortals can be corporate portals, business intelligence portals, Web hub, or Interest Community Website. Vortals provide information and resources including research and statistics, discussions, newsletters, online tools, and many other services that educate users about a specific industry such as travel, insurance, automobiles, food manufacturing, and healthcare. Vortals also give users a single place to communicate with and about a single industry. Some vortals may be accessible by telephone hence the term voice portal. Examples of hospitality vortals are www.hotelmule.com and www.hospitalitynet.org that provide information for suppliers to the hospitality industry and their purchasers.


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