Walking the guest

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When a guest arrives at a lodging facility with a guaranteed reservation and there are no rooms available. The guest must be sent to a similar lodging facility at the expense of the facility that did not honor the reservation. The guest should be given free transportation to the facility and one free long distance phone call to notify someone of the change in where they will be staying. If the guest had a reservation for more than one night, every effort should be made to move the person back to the property the next day. The key to minimizing the negative impact of walking a guest is preparation. According to Stutts (2001) when facing a sold out situation the front desk should contact similar properties to inquire of their availability and be prepared to send a guest to a different establishment prior to his/her arrival. PBX should be notified so calls and messages may be forwarded to the displaced guest. If the guest returns the next day, it is a nice gesture to arrange for an upgrade on their room and place a gift basket in the room with a letter of apology.


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