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Wall reader is an important part of smart card system. Just hold a small fob or card near the reader, from 4" to 24" depending on the model, and an electric strike or magnetic lock opens. The reader can be mounted inside or behind the wall in areas where vandalism is a problem. Each reader has a unique identification number. Some of the readers have a keypad built in to use for programming.

Programming is easy to do. On the systems, programming is actually done right at the reader itself using either the little proximity keys that come with the reader or by using the number buttons (keypad) built into the unit. A laptop or PC can also be used to program the system and do audit trails (who entered and when). The system can monitor who goes in and who goes out the area. In doing that, it has greater security control. In hotel operations, it can lower operation cost through fewer handling errors, decreasing production time, and minising excess programmed proximity cards in inventory. It is simple to use and the software allows the administrator to set usage permission for the users. Hotel can place readers on perimetral doors, parking sites, lifts, health areas, swimming pools, etc.

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